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Weekly Report 30th March 2015:

Rate cuts and anticipated rate cuts are bit like QE, very stimulating for Equities, until an interest rate hike comes over the horizon.
A strong Jobs report leading to the likelihood of an Interest rate rise in the US.

9th / March /2015.
The weekly chart of the XJO.
Well finally! we have the reversal candle in place on Friday’s close.
The chart shows the first strong support level is 5667.
5720 was mentioned in the morning webinar a mid candle support.
The 6200 target remains.

17th / March /2015
Chasing   Yield     Yield    Yield

The Telecoms and Healthcare sectors continue to outperform.
The WEEKLY chart of the XJO shows (12) high probability of a green (up) candle showing in the following week.
Short term support was not found with market moving higher from Monday afternoon.
This is being confirmed so far, the channel line providing context of support.
Primary trend is UP.

30/ March /2105
The Index has pushed to  a new closing high from the call on the 17th. With the opening of the 30th retesting the “mid level”
Last week closing down (16) suggests a top in place with Weekly support at 5870. Followed by 5720.

XJO Weekly














The AUD USD is being pressured again under 79 cents, this is now the firm resistance level. A break down below 7625 would signal a new leg down in the
already established down trend.