3 years ago

ASX Centre Point Orders

We are excited to announce that ASX Centre Point orders are now available to our clients. This truly is a revolutionary way to trade and gives buyers and sellers confidence they are getting the best deal possible. 

Centre Point (CP) is the pricing that exists between two price steps in the ASX market. It houses the deepest source of dark liquidity (no market participant can observe the depth or volume) that is available on or off the Australian markets. That means it increases efficiency while lowering execution cost overall.

What does this mean to you?

FP Markets will automatically give clients access to the ASX Centre Point function which will always result in price improvement when it is available. 

The benefits of this being an automated service include:

  1. You will have the ability to sweep the market looking for the best price
  2. Access to additional liquidity
  3. An example: You are trying to buy TEN and the bid and offer is $0.17/$0.175. If you sweep the market for the Centre Point and find there is volume at $0.1725 you would be filled at that price which is a price improvement of a quarter cent or better by 1.4%.
  4. You can place orders in the Centre Point

This is a revolutionary way to trade and will provide you with confidence that the pricing you receive is always the best deal available. Open an account today and take advantage of Centre Point.