3 years ago

TLS Yeild v's Trend

17 /12 / 2014      Great looking chart of TLS Telstra TLS Telstra has now formed a bullish HEAD AND SHOULDER pattern.
Nice little descending triangle in the right shoulder with 3 lows…text book…
A further break would have the $6.40 price target in play. Primary trend is UP.


TLS meets the price target in short time, maintain the long position.
When Telstra report in the next few weeks look for any weakness as a further entry.
Dividend continues to hold the stock at these levels.

2nd/February/2015 TLs Telstra starting to top out at $6.56, this $6.56 level was the top of a Gap in the price from 2001.
Yes a long time ago but still relevant. The original price target has been exceeded with a strong run from the 8/01/2015 breakout.
With the Ex dividend approaching and without a further push higher, look for the price to settle back into the
bullish Gap from the 21st January 2015. Ultimate price target $7.00