3 years ago

SUL Entering into Primary UPTREND.

The Weekly chart of SUL shows 2 inverse Head and Shoulder patterns with the price now trading thru the 2nd Neck line.
This chart shows the 2014 down trend now finding and setting a very strong price reversal base.
Neck line 1 has been retested during March and held with a very strong weekly candle set last week.
A combination of indicators RSI and CCI have given a “buy” signal in January now confirmed by TREND.

All of this gives a price target of $14 the resistance level from October / November last year.

Stops at $9.0


The daily chart shown here also has a nice consolidation as part of the retest referred to in the Weekly note above.
With intraday support at $9.00 and resistance at $10.00 a breakout at this level.

SUL daily