BlackBerry IRESS

BlackBerry-IRESS_largemobileIRESS for BlackBerry is a non-trading product that delivers streaming equity and derivative prices, and market news to your BlackBerry handset.

Access market prices and news wherever you are.

Available to IRESSTrader users at no additional charge mobileIRESS for BlackBerry assures you are connected with market prices and news wherever you are.

Functions of mobileIRESS for BlackBerry


Depth/Detail displays a snapshot of non-streaming pricing information for a specified security, and lists the bids (buy orders) and asks (sell orders) in the market for that security.


News lists live company reports and general world news. The news announcements display as headlines, for which you can display the underlying story or document. You can filter the headlines for news about a selected security.

Announcements are available for all news vendors you subscribe to.


Quote provides comprehensive real-time market information for securities, indices, currencies and CFDs and securities. Quote data includes price, bid, ask, volume and a trend chart.

You can view quotes for ad-hoc securities, access your IRESSTrader watchlists or create new watchlists. You can also open the News and Depth functions from a security in a watchlist.

For more information on mobileIRESS for BlackBerry download the introduction guide or contact a FP Markets representative on 1300 376 233.