FP Markets CFD Futures let you gain the global exposure you need using capital best suited to you. The advantages of future CFDs on the FP Markets model are numerous and will help you get the most the most from your trading portfolio.


Futures markets are highly liquid enabling the trader to move in and out of the market swiftly and potentially with size. This liquidity is particularly attractive for the active day trader.


Many traders use Technical Analysis for their trading strategies. Futures markets respond to technical setups over and over again with precision. In fact, the predominance of technical strategies has almost made this form of trading self-fulfilling which is of great benefit to the technical trader.

Open almost 24hrs/day

Traders can take advantage of a 24hour market at any geographical location at a time to suit individual needs.

Lower Commissions

The rates offered on index futures can be significantly lower than the underlying single stocks. Thus traders can gain a leveraged vehicle to the index at a low cost.

Lower Risk

Due to the extended trading hours, futures offer potential lower risk than stocks due to reduced gap risk. Traders can place stop orders throughout the day and night thus reducing the risk of adverse moves.

One Platform

Trade DMA Future CFDs from the same platform and portfolio as your CFD equities. Through the FP Markets platforms you will have access to all of our products with the convenience of a single account.

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