The reason foreign exchange markets are so large and liquid is because of the market participants involved. Major traders of FX include Institutional investors, Governments, Central Banks, Global Banks, Hedge Funds, Retails investors and other financial institutes. FP Markets uses LMAX and some of the world’s largest liquidity providers to give our clients access to these feeds with industry leading spreads.

FP Markets’ FX is offered at low margin rates from 0.5% meaning clients can access leverage as high as 200:1.

LMAX Exchange

FP Markets is proud to announce a strategic partnership with  LMAX Exchange, the FCA regulated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for FX trading.

The partnership has greatly advanced the FP Markets FX offering and provides a transparent and fair trading experience for our clients.

This will ensure fair, transparent and efficient FX trading experience, delivering exchange quality execution, complete pre & post-trade transparency and total trading anonymity in over 60 FX pairs with average matching speeds of 4ms and no ‘last look’ as standard.

This relationship has enabled us to offer one of the most competitive forex trading platforms available in today’s market