差价合约目前已经成为全球最为流行的金融衍生品之一,一些大型投资银行广泛使用差价合约已经超过20多年了。近些年来,差价合约在个人投资者的投资市场也变得越来越受欢迎。FP Markets 为客户提供DMA市场直接交易,对接全球各大股票及期货市场,用透明的交易流程和极速的交易体验赢得了投资者的亲睐。下面我们就列举一下通过FP Markets的DMA直接市场交易差价合约有哪些优势:




卖空可以让投资人在较高的价格卖出一种交易产品,比如股票,然后在股票价格下跌后再买回来。这样一个卖和买的过程投资者就可以获取利润。卖空(买跌)通常是指对一种交易产品的未来价格走势看跌,那么投资者通过卖空就可以在下跌后平掉仓位(买回)来获取利润。传统投资方式只能买入股票,然后通过所持股票的价格上涨来获取利润,而差价合约是一种独一无二的衍生品可以让投资者实现对市场下跌行情判断准确的情况下通过卖空(买跌)股票来获取利润。虽然并不是所有的股票都可以通过差价合约进行交易,但FP Markets还是可以提供较为丰富的产品进行差价合约的买卖,比如外汇、商品和指数等。另外,通过卖空(买跌)并不会产生额外的持仓费用,所以差价合约是一种非常实用的对冲工具,同时也是一种不错的投机工具。


Given that CFDs can be short sold, they are an ideal tool for hedging purposes. Many equity portfolios remain vulnerable to market downturns and the cost of exiting and re-entering are far too high and risky. DMA CFDs enable traders to lock in the value of an equity portfolio by holding short positions that mirror that in the equity portfolio. This means for every dollar the equity portfolio loses the CFD portfolio will gain. With CFDs only requiring a very small margin this means a minimal outlay at a very little cost.

FX CFDs enables people to hedge currency balances. Indices CFDs enable people to blanket hedge a large portfolio without having to buy individual Equity CFDs. FPM also enable clients to open accounts that are Self Managed Super Funds and trusts where many equity portfolios are held.

Lower Transaction Costs

Unlike traditional Equities trading and other derivatives products, CFDs have very low transaction costs. Many high volume traders chose to trade with FPM due to our flexible and competitive transaction costs. Please contact us to find out more about our competitive rates.


Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs mirror the underlying exchanges making them very easy to trade. Other derivatives products may not move in line with the underlying financial instrument, such as options and futures, and therefore can be very difficult to trade and understand. Along with this the majority of CFDs have no expiry either, and therefore positions can be held open as long as necessary.

Dividends & Corporate Actions

For all equity CFDs, traders are entitled to a cash equivalent of any dividend that is paid. Another advantage of CFDs is that the dividend is paid on the Ex Date rather than the pay date as is the case when trading fully paid equities. You also have the ability to participate in other corporate actions such as share splits and rights issues. FP Markets offers the most extensive list of Australian and other global equity CFDs ensuring you can get access to corporate actions and dividends where possible.


CFDs have the added benefit of enabling traders to use unrealised profits as margin to open new positions. CFDs are also cash settled and therefore make it much easier to trade in and out of positions multiple times throughout the day on the same available capital. Positions closed intra-day do not incur financing fees.

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