Margin Rates

Direct Market Access Margin Rates

CFD Margin Rates – From just 3%

FP Markets offers you access to competitive Direct Market Access (DMA) margin rates giving you a trading edge, with powerful leverage you can take advantage of more trading opportunities.

We offer access to the most competitive DMA CFD margin rates from just 3%.

Download our CFD margin table below to view our competitive rates.

Download CFD Margin Table

Short Sellable CFDs

FP Markets offers access to an extensive range of short sellable securities, FX, index and Commodity CFDs across a multitude of markets like Australia, Asia, Europe and America. For a full list of these short sellable products please download the margin table below.

Short selling is a great tool for hedging existing equity portfolios, market speculation, portfolio diversification, pairs trading and profiting from decreasing market prices. All short sellable products can be seen on the margin table below but if there is additional short sellable securities not listed please do not hesitate to contact the trading desk on 1300 376 233 to see if this instrument can be added.

Download CFD Short Sell Margin Table

Short stock borrow rates

Please contact dealing at +61 2 82526800 to get short stock borrow rates.